RobbieRevenant_AuthorRobbie Revenant is a punk-rock mathematician and libertarian anarchist, with a hunger for knowledge and understanding, trying to fulfill his life-long desire to achieve self-determination.

This blog is an exploration of topics relevant to that end, including freed-market anarchism, anarcho-“capitalism”, Agorism, radical left-libertarianism, mutualist anarchism, Voluntaryism, civil-disobedience, hacktivism, counter-economics, freed-market economics, Montessori education, Unschooling, and various other theories of peaceful voluntary living.

It also serves as an archive of blog posts and articles written elsewhere, including The Alliance for the Advancement of the Agora and Never Take A Plea.

From time to time, you may also find him writing on other topics of interest, such as: cryptography, chaos and complexity theory, sychronicity, emergence and spontaneous organization, sociology and psychology, philosophy, gardening, and alternative energy—just to name a few.